About the project “Coping with students challenging behaviour”

We are European schools with different backgrounds, mentalities and experiences, still, we all face the same problem–how to deal with challenging behaviour of children with special needs during the school day. This is a staff oriented project.

In general, our project will provide lasting benefits to teachers and other school specialists who work with the target group of students. Our schools need to gain knowledge in this specific area. The number of students with disabilities and challenging behaviour is rising. We will try to improve teaching process in our institutions. This improvement will be reached with the help of activities, which are focused on the topic of dealing with challenging behaviour. Teaching process should be enriched with precise methodology and practice. Improved behaviour of our students will have further positive effect on their educational development and general school atmosphere. The important part of the project will be staff support.

Throughout the duration of the project we will prepare several workshops as well as other activities focused on the methodology and its implementation in order to address challenging behaviour.

With the idea and realization of our project we will with certainty raise our school´s profiles. The project will serve as a motivation and encouragement tool for our teachers and finally as well for our students.

International cooperation between our institutions will be enhanced. We will build international relations and developmental cooperation. The schools involved in the project will share their experiences and the ways of dealing with their everyday problems. Each school will contribute during our international exchange by sharing thoughts, best practices and knowledge in order to ensure further professional development of our teachers and staff.  The impact may appear during the project and experience will continue after the project has ended.

Concrete project results:

  • Presentation about the project to parents and to local special educators and teachers
  • Every school will spread information via media (school web page, social network, local newspaper)
  • Decrease in the number of students dropping out of the school in 2 schools
  • Improvement of student´s results in 2 schools
  • New tools, knowledge to teachers and school´s support workers about different approaches and techniques how to prevent and deal with students challenging behaviour
  • Participating teachers English skills improvement
  • EU project experience gain


End of the project 31 of May 2022

The project „Coping with students challenging behaviour“ was implemented from 2019 to 2022. Main priorities were strengthening the profiles of the teaching professions. Our project provided lasting benefits to teachers and other school specialists who work with special needs students. [...]

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The last mobility- C2 mobility to Slovakia

The last mobility of the project „Coping with students challenging behaviour " took place in Slovakia from March 28th - April 2nd 2022, co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

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Virtual mobility to Latvia

  From February 16-18 Riga Valda Avotiņa Primary school realized short-term staff virtual event in Latvia. The decision to organize a virtual event was accepted by management team of the project because of the fragile and unstable situation due to [...]

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The second mobility to North- Macedonia

The second mobility of the project „ Coping with students challenging behaviour“ took place in North- Macedonia from 20- 23 September 2021, co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. Teachers from all of the partner countries joined in [...]

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Postponed mobility to Latvia

Riga Valda Avotina elementary school-development center in Latvia let us know that their school year is starting differently, some new rules and restrictions on the organization of school work. Because of the COVID-19 spread all over the world, according to [...]

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Cancelled mobility to Slovakia

Due to corona virus our mobility to Slovakia end of May 2020 is cancelled. Next mobility should take place to Latvia in the end of September 2020. Mobility to Slovakia is postponed to May 2021.

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The first mobility to Estonia

The first mobility of the project „ Coping with students challenging behaviour“ took place in Estonia from 25- 28 November 2019, co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. The two-year project is coordinated by Pärnu Päikese School from [...]

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