Special Primary School for children with intellectual disabilities and autism Dr Zlatan Sremec

The Special Elementary School “D-r Zlatan Sremec”-Skopje for children with intellectual disabilities was opened on 28.08.1972 by the great Macedonian humanist dr. Ljupcho Ajdinski. The school is one of the four  public schools for students with intellectual disabilities in North Macedonia and it enjoys high rating and recognizable image.

Today the school educates and rehabilitates  108 students with mild to moderate intellectual disability,students with multiple disabilities and students with autistic spectrum disorders aged 6 to 18 years. The students are distributed in 16 departments in the central building and 10 separate units at mainstream schools on the territory of Skopje, which count up to 6 students per unit.

The working team is composed from 32 special educators, 4 teachers on specific subjects (music education, technical education, ICT and physical education) and professional support service that consists of psychologist, speech therapist, special educator and rehabilitator and social worker.

The students learn by adapted curriculum that the Bureau for Development of Education (BDE) requires with the exception of foreign language, physics and chemistry. Besides the mandatory classes the students are included in extracurricular activities, such as performances, creative workshops, school visits, walks, picnics, etc. The school has at its disposal a room for sensory integration, snoezelen room and an outdoor playground with big school yard.

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  • Marija Deletikj



  • Marija Deletikj is the Head Teacher of Special School for children with intellectual disabilities and autism Dr. Zlatan Sremec Skopje. She has 14 years experience working as special education teacher in special school for children with intellectual disabilities She is also an early intervention specialist and multiple associate of the Bureau for Development of Education.

Work objectives:

  • The main objective of Marija’s work is to create an outward-facing school which works with other schools and organisations in a climate of mutual challenge to champion best practice, in order to engage with the internal and external school community to secure equity and entitlement. She is committed to encourage all staff to engage in continued professional development to benefit their own learning and secure optimal achievements for all students with special educational needs assuring individual progress of pupils is assessed, recorded, reported and supported, as well as create and maintain an effective partnership with parents and carers to support and improve pupils’ achievement and personal development.