Postponed mobility to Latvia

Riga Valda Avotina elementary school-development center in Latvia let us know that their school year is starting differently, some new rules and restrictions on the organization of school work. Because of the COVID-19 spread all over the world, according to this- traveling restrictions and the ever- changing situation in the world we decided to postpone a Mobility to Latvia to 2021.

Meantime we are going to compose two questionnaires, one to parents about children challenging behaviour at home during COVID-19 time and another to teachers coping with students challenging behaviour recommendations for parents and ways to support them by COVID-19 time (or without it) at home. We will compose a summary of questionnaires results and inform parents and school staff about the results.

Before the end of the 2020 we will have online workshops (Webinar) about methods and ways how to deal with students challenging behaviour at home.