Virtual mobility to Latvia


From February 16-18 Riga Valda Avotiņa Primary school realized short-term staff virtual event in Latvia. The decision to organize a virtual event was accepted by management team of the project because of the fragile and unstable situation due to Covid-19.

On the first day of the event the participants of the project from Estonia, Slovakia and North Macedonia were addressed by the Principal of Valda Avotiņa Primary school Gunta Maslovska who wished everybody to acquire something new, interesting and useful.

Teachers and support staff were acquainted with the school’s vision, tasks, educational programs, history and traditions. A short virtual journey in the school allowed to take a look into school’s premises.

The participants watched an open lesson in speech therapy. At the end of the first day the participants enjoyed a film about Latvia and took the quiz.

The second day started with the music therapy workshop- how sound and music can regulate and reveal our emotions. A special pedagogue demonstrated an open lesson in Maths. At the end of the day participants listened to ABA therapist about ABA techniques in the school.

The third day started with the workshop in Games and gamification elements in learning- processes which make learning playful and dynamic. Clinical psychologist, ABA therapist in the final workshop spoke on Introduction to Applied Behaviour Analysis and gave an insight to Verbal Behaviour approach.

Every day of the event ended with a song-‘’I’ve got peace like a river……’’.

Video tour in Riga Valda Avotiņa Primary school: