End of the project 31 of May 2022

The project „Coping with students challenging behaviour“ was implemented from 2019 to 2022.

Main priorities were strengthening the profiles of the teaching professions. Our project provided lasting benefits to teachers and other school specialists who work with special needs students. Our schools needed to gain knowledge in this specific area. We improved teaching process in our institutions. This improvement was reached with the help of activities, which were focused on the topic of dealing with challenging behaviour.
Activities which helped to reach our goals:
C1 Mobility to Estonia- November 2019
C2- Mobility to Slovakia- March 2022
C3- Virtual Mobility to Latvia- February 2022
C4- Mobility to Macedonia- September 2021
Due to COVID-19 spread all over the world we had to apply for an extension of the project twice.
In the meantime, we moved towards our project aim and organized alternative activities.

Our main outcome was creating a manual for teachers, parents and other specialists to prevent and cope with children´s challenging behaviour. This manual will help parents, teachers and other specialists to instruct, redirect and teach students with special needs the way that less challenging behaviour occurs. The manual also provides approaches on how to deal with already appeared challenging behaviour.