Pärnu Päikese School

Pärnu Päikese School is a municipal school part of the city of Pärnu. The school accepts pupils from across the city and, when possible, also welcomes pupils from Pärnu county subject to available spaces. Pärnu Päikese School is a secondary school, where the studies are based on the simplified national secondary school curriculum set out for special needs and learning disabilities. The admissions for the school are based around the organisation SA Innove Rajaleidja recommendation and signed consent from the parent after which the school implements enhanced support or special support for the pupil.

Special support is implemented for a pupil, who due to his severe and persistent mental disorder, intellect – or  sensory disability or compound disorder needs: sensory-specific learning, environment, -method, -means and continous support service for participating in learning integrated with social or health services or both; part-time individual study or in a group or continous individual support in a class or study in a special needs class.

The school supports the mental, physical, social and emotional development of the students. The students are provided with a secure, positive and developing learning environment that supports the student and contributes to a better socialization of the student in the society.

Pärnu Päikese School (until 31.12.2018 Pärnu Toimetulekukool) started in 01. september 2002 with three classrooms. The average number of pupils per school year is 45. In the school year of 2018/2019, there are eight classrooms with 43 students in the school. The school staff consists of 40 employees. The language of instruction at the school is Estonian and Russian.

School as a center of excellence

Pärnu Päikese School as a competence center advises parents, carries out development days, coordinates the work of the cooperation network. Professionals with long-term experience share their knowledge and experience in teaching and educating children with special needs.

Special pedagogical competence provides a good basis for close cooperation between conventional and special schools. Pärnu Päikese School as a competence center helps to develop suitable methods for teaching children with special needs, coordinate teaching and advise parents and teachers.





  • Raili Hiiesalu



  • Raili Hiiesalu is a class teacher for children with intellectual disabilities and autism in Pärnu Päikese School. She has 10 years working experience with special needs children. She has been coordinating the Augmentative and Alternative Communication system in the school and has counselled parents and local special educators/mainstream teachers.

Work objectives:

  • Main duties: assess student´s skills to determine their needs and to develop teaching plans, adapt lessons to meet the needs of students, develop Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) for each student; plan, organize, and assign activities that are specific to each student’s abilities; teach and mentor students as a class and one-on-one; implement IEPs, assess student´s performance, and track their progress; update IEPs throughout the school year to reflect students’ progress and goals; supervise and mentor teacher assistants who works with students with disabilities; use adapted equipment and materials.