Project sport activity “Alphabet workout”

Sport activity “Alphabet workout” was planned as an alternative activity according to Erasmus+ project “Coping with students challenging behaviour” (project no.2019-1-EE01-KA229-051598).

Aim of our project is to share best practice in other countries in order to increase staff competences about strategies of preventing and reducing challenging behaviour. Due to COVID-19 spread all over the world and traveling restrictions, four schools in this project were looking for better ways to reach the goals. Sport activity as an alternative activity in this project was welcomed by all partners.

Summary of sport activity _Alphabet exercise_

Also check the “Alphabet workout” video below:


Februar 10, 2021 our project team had organized a webinar “Children`s challenging behaviour”.

In the Spring 2020 the COVID-19 spread and lock time was new and mostly difficult for all of us, but mostly for pupils with SEN, their parents and also teachers.

 The aim of this research (November 2020) was to find out what kind of help did parents get from child’s teachers/school according to teaching children and dealing with challenging behaviour during COVID-19 quarantine time at home in Spring 2020.

In the teachers questionnaire the main objectives were to find out useful online teaching methodology and  in which way teachers supported parents and students.

For this reason, this webinar was created.

Webinar´s presentation in English Feb 2021

Webinar´s PPT in Estonian language

Webinar´s PPT in Macedonian language

Webinar´s PPT in Latvian language

Webinar´s PPT in Slovakian


TEACHERS AND PARENTS QUESTIONNAIRE RESULTS IN AN ARTICLE  “Students challenging behaviour and education during COVID-19”.

An article Student´s challenging behaviour and education during COVID- 19

Behaviour and education during COVID-19 EST

Behaviour and education during COVID-19 MK

Behaviour and education during COVID-19 SK